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Why Kumwe Freight?

Kumwe Freight is a commercial freight transporter operating in Africa. With an “Uber for Freight” model, we use our own innovative technology to drive efficiency and organization into East Africa’s otherwise dysfunctional and expensive domestic freight market.

We aim to drive development and prosperity in the region by doing the business of logistics right. Kumwe was founded on this principle, following our founders’ first-hand experience of logistics and transport failures in the health and agriculture sectors. It’s why we got started in the first place.

We believe that by delivering the highest standard of logistics services, by always driving for new, more efficient supply chain solutions, we unlock new value for our clients, our suppliers, and our employees.

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Kumwe Freight has quickly become Rwanda’s dominant domestic freight broker.



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Using our own innovative technology, we manage a network of over 1,000 reliable transporters with whom we have carried thousands of loads throughout the country for clients of all sizes and sectors. 

Our team manages each load end-to-end and is able to facilitate any additional requests. We operate 24/7 behind the scenes to make sure your cargo is moving. This is how we keep our promise to make transport simple, reliable, and efficient and how we have earned the repeat business of our clients.


Just like your business, we work across borders and we make it easy. 

When you need cargo moved, we manage the process end-to-end with our proprietary technology. For each of your loads, one of our dedicated agents:

  • actively identifies and manages the optimal carriers;

  • facilitates payment;

  • and pushes customs clearing and transit documentation.

You spend no time or stress chasing trucks and clearing agents. We take care of your transport, so you can take care of your business. Kumwe Freight’s services extend across Eastern and Southern Africa for full-truckload bookings. 



Our Propriety Technology

Transforming transport in Africa requires an innovative mindset. Kumwe Freight remedies the informal and inefficient transportation sector in East Africa by connecting shippers and truck owners via an custom-made online platform. The result? Shippers gain access to a larger network of transporters while truck owners gain access to more jobs and visibility into the locations of their drivers. It's a win-win proposition for both parties, made possible by our data analytics and mobile platform.


  • EQUIPMENT: Fleet covering all classes of trucks from pickups to double-trailer trucks, cranes to refrigerated vans.

  • ROUTES: Single or multi-stop routes throughout the country. There is no place in Rwanda we will not go.

  • TIMING: On demand booking and long-term planning.

  • PAYMENT: Formal invoicing, EBMs, and credit terms for our close partners.

  • ON REQUEST: Cargo insurance, distribution planning, LTL transport and route optimization.


One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund

Africa Improved Foods (AIF)

Africa Improved Foods (AIF)



World Food Programme (WFP)

World Food Programme (WFP)

I would like to recognise your value in the commodity chain and the good service you gave us. With Kumwe, EAX were able to collect and deliver grains on time with no delays or penalties. Kumwe gave us a good service at a good price.
— East Africa Exchange
Kumwe - Professional, courteous, and willing to help, pleasure to do business with!


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