Kumwe Harvest

Kumwe Harvest was founded to address long-standing quality issues in Rwanda’s maize value chain. Recognizing Rwandan farmers’ poor post-harvest infrastructure and practices as a cause of widespread aflatoxin contamination, we developed a novel approach aimed at improving the quality of local maize.  

The Kumwe model is a new post-harvest process involving the purchase of unshelled maize from farmers, efficient logistics and industrial processing (shelling and drying). Via the model, maize quality is preserved (aflatoxin growth is eliminated), post-harvest losses reduced to 1-2%, and maize is sold weeks earlier with minimal post-harvest work and costs. For the 30,000 farmers we work with, this means more of what they grow reaches a market for a premium price. The result is a 300%+ income increase.

For buyers, Kumwe provides more Grade 1 maize than any other domestic aggregator, saving our clients several hundred thousand dollars against imports.


Kumwe Harvest reduces the time farmers spend on post-harvest processes, minimizing farm losses while maximizing the quality of produce.

We use a combination of innovative transport management, industrial post-harvest processing, operational rigor and top-tier analytics to purchase, process and deliver Grade 1 maize in 24 hours.


100% of our maize is accepted as Grade 1 with low-aflatoxins, reducing rejection rates of our buyers. We offer competitive prices for maize and efficient processing.


We work with top clients to solve their post-harvest challenges and provide high-quality product with no hassle.