Kumwe Labs

Kumwe Labs is our very own innovation center. Combining our global expertise with our desire to solve social, economic, and environmental challenges, our team works together to understand complex systems and create innovative solutions to problems that impact our stakeholders and their communities.

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Kumwe LIFT

Through experience in logistics, freight, and agro-processing, the team behind Kumwe Lift has first-hand experience with the informal labor market for industry. We have discovered that casual labor hire in Rwanda can be extremely disorganized, difficult, inefficient, and brings great disadvantages to both employers and employees. Hundreds of laborers living and working in unstable and arduous conditions and companies struggling to organize their labor and thus lose productivity and money.

Kumwe Lift aims to use technology to provide dignified, organized, and fair work opportunities for casual laborers while supplying accountable, well managed and reliable labor for Rwanda’s industrial sector. The system is currently being trailed by Kumwe Harvest before being brought to scale.