Kumwe Through the Eyes of Our Interns

With summer 2018 wrapping up, our interns have taken the time to reflect on their time and experience with Kumwe Freight and Kumwe Harvest.

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Djasmina Mukeshimana
Data Analyst Intern, Kumwe Harvest

The opportunity to intern with Kumwe Harvest was a great chance to learn and develop my career this summer. As I have a goal of becoming an expert in data science, I am pleased with the experience I have had so far as Kumwe Harvest’s Data Analyst. I have utilized what I learned in my academic studies, such as managing and analyzing data, and I have also improved on other skills like working with formulas in Excel and Google Sheets.

I also operated as a Call Center Agent and was able to apply the skills that I acquired at Akilah such as communication skills, emotional intelligence, and telephone skills so that I could deal with customers professionally. I appreciate the support that I have got from the Program Director Alex Sanderson at Kumwe Harvest and the encouragement she gives me during my work. I also appreciate the advice and empowerment from the founder of the company Cyril Khamsi. Allow me to say that I recommended Kumwe Harvest as a company where you will learn a lot from.

Maria Shkvarunets
Operations Manager Intern, Kumwe Freight

My internship at Kumwe Freight was a highlight of my year. Being a CEMS Master student and approaching the end of my academic life, I had a chance to spend the summer 2018 working as an Operations Manager on both local and international logistics projects. The time spent at Kumwe was accompanied by very dynamic working environment, very nice and friendly colleagues, and continuous support and motivation from the founder of the company, Cyril Khamsi. I learned a lot about the logistics business in Rwanda and gained tremendous experience managing a team of six people.

I would highly recommend everyone who is interested in logistics and developing countries to apply for positions at Kumwe Freight. Once you land in Rwanda, your life will never be the same.

Merci Niwebasa
Load Planning Intern, Kumwe Freight

I have spent two months with Kumwe Freight and I have one month remaining in my internship. I have learned a lot so far and am still learning. The first day I joined the company, I started tracking drivers to know see how they completed Kumwe’s logistics jobs. Being a load planner has given me the experience of managing logistics activities from the beginning to the end. I believe that the skills I have received will help me in my career path. Right now, I can apply to work in logistics company thanks to what I have learned from Kumwe Freight. Moreover, working in team that is synergistic and friendly is helpful because you learn new things and can always get a help from them. This is a place I can recommend for all interns who are willing to learn more and gain experience logistics.

I would highly recommend everyone who is interested in logistics and developing countries to apply for positions at Kumwe. Once you land in Rwanda, your life will never be the same.
— Maria Shkvarunets, Operations Intern

Thomas Hulsman
Strategic Projects Intern, Kumwe Freight

I had the opportunity to spend a couple of months during the summer of 2018 interning at Kumwe Freight in Kigali. It was an awesome experience to learn from the inside about the complexities and the challenges of the logistics sector in Rwanda and East Africa. Working in a logistics start-up allowed me to experience the business environment in Rwanda – with the good, the bad, and the ugly. When working in Rwanda, you feel the speed with which this country is moving forward and the willingness of many stakeholders to continue driving growth and progress.

Kigali is an excellent hub for doing business in the region, as you have the opportunity to meet new people and explore the many attractions the country has to offer, ranging from safaris to volcano climbing. All in all, I had a wonderful time in the country, attributing this first of all to the Kumwe team and secondly due to the warm welcome from the people of Rwanda in general.

Nusrat Meggy Agasaro
Load Planning Intern, Kumwe Freight

I found Kumwe Freight an interesting, welcoming, and friendly logistics company that everybody would wish to work for. My internship here is exposing me to so many experiences that I was not expecting. For instance, everybody at Kumwe is approachable and supportive, the environment is so friendly, and teamwork is highly encouraged. I am learning a lot as everybody here is willing to share with me what they do, so I can now navigate the company’s operation system and manage its workflows. Whenever I get stuck, I am not afraid to seek help. I am sure I will finish my internship with a lot of knowledge.

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Florian Lorenz
Strategic Projects / Business Development Intern

As soon as I received the offer from Kumwe to support the company over the summer, I immediately accepted it as I found the managing directors with whom I had the interviews very inspiring and sharp. My impression that I could learn a lot from them was confirmed upon arrival. The flat hierarchy that is typical for start-up was something I really enjoyed as well; our boss even took us out for dinner several times.

At work, I was given the trust to communicate to many external potential funding partners on behalf of the company and took part in driving strategic projects for the future, including a conference. The whole atmosphere of living in the capital of Rwanda and making intercultural experiences at work was something very exciting for me personally. Finally, challenges like adapting to the temperature and taking moto-taxis back and forth to places were also part of this unique learning experience.

Having worked at Kumwe, I know that the company will have a bright future, hence I am excited to stay in touch with everyone and wish Kumwe much success. Murakoze cyane!