The Kumwe Freight Mission

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We believe that the current state of transport and logistics is a significant barrier to Africa’s continued progress. The World Bank estimates that transport costs account for a 40% premium on goods in the region, excluding the indirect cost of losses due to failed transport services. By contrast, the cost in the US and Europe account for just a 2-3% premium. 

The consequence is a massive drag for economic growth and development: inefficient logistics drives up the cost and complexity of doing basic business, it limits trade opportunities, it prevents farmers and small businesses from participating in high-value markets, and more.

We are changing this. Kumwe Freight’s vision is to drive development and prosperity in the region by doing the business of logistics right. Our business was founded on this principle, following our founders’ first-hand experience of logistics and transport failures in the health and agriculture sectors. It’s why we got started in the first place.

We believe that by delivering the highest standard of logistics services, by always driving for new, more efficient supply chain solutions, we unlock new value for our clients, our suppliers, and our employees.

If you have thoughts on Kumwe Freight’s mission or efforts, or are interested in supporting us, we encourage you to contact us.